Democrats controlling the House have unveiled a $3 trillion-plus coronavirus relief bill — the fifth coronavirus response legislation so far — and are planning to pass the measure on Friday. The legislation replenishes existing accounts to respond to both the COVID-19 health care crisis and to try to ease the economic impact of the pandemic, which has produced record job losses and fears of a depression. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said there is no “urgency.” The Senate will wait until after Memorial Day to consider options.

Highlights of the Democratic bill:

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Wendy settle

They need to go back and send the first round of relief to the people that get SSI and did not get it because they were counted as dependent on someone else's tax return. I mean think about it. They may be a dependent over 18 with SSI but the person that helped them may have lost his or her job. It always seems like the discriminate against people with disabilities and may need this money.

I sure would like a story on if this will be address. I know a few other families that are asking them same thing.

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