“The Emotionally Absent Mother: How to Recognize and Heal the Invisible Effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect,” Jasmin Lee Cori; “Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City,” Richard Sennett; “Fight Like a Girl: the Truth Behind How Female Marines are Trained,” Kate Germano; “Canine Confidential: Why Dogs Do What They Do,” Mark Bekoff; “Living with Leonardo: Fifty Years of Sanity and Insanity in the Art World and Beyond,” Martin Kemp; “Paul Simon: the Life,” Robert Hilburn; “Robin,” Dave Itzkoff; “The Pact: a UFC Champion, a Boy with Cancer, and Their Promise to Win the Ultimate Battle,” Cody Garbrandt; “Rome: a History in Seven Sackings,” Matthew Kneale; “President Carter: the White House Years,” Stuart Eizenstat.


“Justice Betrayed,” Patricia Bradley; “The Moscow Offensive,” Dale Brown; “Probable Claws: a Mrs. Murphy Mystery,” Rita Mae Brown; “The President is Missing,” Bill Clinton & James Patterson; “The Patchwork Bride,” Sandra Dallas; “The Angel Makers,” Tessa Harris; “Night-Gaunts and Other Tales of Suspense,” Joyce Carol Oates; “Night of the Lightbringer,” Peter Tremayne; “Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen,” Alison Weir; “Dreams of Falling,” Karen White.

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