Last week my wife and I stood on the northern shores of Upper Michigan while visiting the historic town of Marquette. We stood among the birches of Presque Isle and looked out over the water of Lake Superior to the North.

We witnessed the surging of Lake Superior waves sprawling all the way to the Northern Province of Ontario, Canada. The morning sun joined in from the East like a birthing star rising out of the crimson lake. There was a chill in the air as we watched the waves of the great lake crashing against the north side of the city breakwater wall.

The old breaker wall of concrete and stone is the only obstacle separating the raging waves of Lake Superior from damaging the small harbor town of Marquette. On one side of us, the waves blasted upward and fell upon the rocks of the breaker wall, but on the harbor side of the wall the blue water was different. It was placid and calm. Small fishing boats tied to the wooden pylons rested in their inner place of calm water. Sailboats of all sizes flecked the inner harbor with color as they floated carelessly. Their canvas main sails in pastels of yellow, red and white rocked gently in the morning sunlight.

As I witnessed the morning panorama of Marquette harbor, I imagined the waves and storms of life in their most hostile form, contrasted with the calm and peaceful inner harbor of God’s presence. Is not our life somewhat like these waters? I have felt the storms of disappointment and the waves of hopelessness in life. I think we all have. When those times come to us in life we can feel as though we are sinking in troubled waters. One day everything in life can seem perfect. We sail smoothly with a forecast of sunshine. But oh, how things can change when we encounter high winds and dark clouds and the waves become a storm.

When storms come upon us, we need a safe harbor. We need a strong wall to protect us from what we may encounter. Our safe harbor is Jesus. His is God and He is mighty to save us. He may allow us to face the physical pain and disappointments of life, but while doing so He imparts peace and calmness within us that can only come from His presence. His Spirit within us is our strength in times of trouble. He is our strong tower where we find impenetrable refuge from our enemies. He goes before us and makes the road straight. He is our eternal salvation (John 3:16). He is our mighty fortress and our counselor. He is our Savior. He is our friend. And still, He is God.

Are you struggling today from life’s storm damage? Are you lonely? Do you feel defeated? You may think there is no hope and that you are sinking in the deepest waters of life but there is good news. God can change every circumstance in your life. Call upon the name of Jesus, turn from sin and invite Him into your life today. He is the safe harbor. He is the rock to cling to. He is the only one who can bring eternal peace beyond all understanding to your life. He is God. He is the compass in all ways of truth—only a prayer away. Find safe harbor. Call upon the name of the Lord today and He will answer you (Jeremiah 33:3).

May God bless you richly and often.

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The Rev. Dalton Lilly is with Narrow Road Ministries in Chancellorsville.

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