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“We shall be true and everlasting and really divine persons only in Heaven, just as we are, even now, colored bodies only in the light.”

I cannot say I understand fully what this quote from “The Weight of Glory” by C.S. Lewis, is alluding to, but it sparked an awesome discussion with a friend who simply remarked, “What, in reality, is the color of our body?”

Physicists would explain that color is in the light that shines upon an object. Depending upon how the object absorbs or reflects the different colors of the rainbow that constitute white light, color is given to the object.

I would like to share some thoughts that came to my friend’s mind and mine as we reflected upon our “colored bodies only in the light.” By no means do these thoughts represent a doctrine or theology, but simply a pondering upon them in our heart and mind, to savor the greatness of our God, the marvels of His creation and the mysteries of His Person!

So what is the real color of our bodies? If we were to stop reflecting the visible light, theoretically, we would not be visible. Can you fathom that? We could make ourselves invisible, and that is what we do in the dark, in the absence of light! We hide our bodies.

After eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve tried that too, realizing that they were naked! Now here’s a thought—were they unaware of their nakedness because their bodies were invisible before they ate the fruit? Did God turn away His light from them, making their bodies visible in the natural light of the world, by which we see ourselves?

We may never know the answer while we exist in this world, but we do know that God’s ways are not our ways. His ways are much higher than ours. He reveals to us what He wants us to know.

Christ said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life,” (John 8:12). In Him there is no darkness at all. I believe that Adam and Eve lost this light, and saw their nakedness in the visible light of the world. Christ’s coming brought the light of life back to us.

Many of us wonder if we will be resurrected in our bodies when we are in Heaven. In response to that I can only say that Christ appeared in His physical body when He was resurrected. His body still had the nail marks from the crucifixion.

Yet, there were times when He was not visible to the disciples or not recognized by them. When He appeared to Paul on the Damascus road, Paul saw Him, but the others did not. He also disappeared from the presence of the disciples with whom he walked on the road to Emmaus.

Balaam’s donkey saw the angel in his path and would not move, but Balaam could not see him.

At the Transfiguration, the disciples saw Moses and Elijah in their bodies, on either side of Jesus.

As I ponder upon all this, I cannot help but acknowledge the presence of a light—a ‘divine light’, by which and through which we see the things of Heaven, of the Kingdom of God. This light shines, making visible what is otherwise hidden.

Our glorified bodies may or may not be visible in the natural light of this world, but the absence of visible bodies does not deny their existence. It’s just a matter of which light our body is absorbing or reflecting! Therefore, just because we cannot see God, does not mean He does not exist.

As we start this New Year, may we seek to walk with Him Who came as a light of the world to restore the light that was lost in the original sin. May we reflect His light to be true, everlasting and really divine persons just as we are, even now, because of His light in us. In conclusion, I hope and pray you will reflect upon these thoughts and allow God to speak to you in His own way. God Bless.

Erick Kalenga is pastor at

His Village Church in Culpeper.

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