Firefighters, childcare staff, nurses, sanitation crews, pharmacists, grocery employees, the cable guy, internet service professionals, mechanics, factory workers, police, linemen, plumbers, custodians, doctors and mail carriers are all considered “essential workers” in a time of global pandemic.

They work in the produce, dairy and meat departments and in medical laboratories, building houses and dispensing needed medications from behind plexi-glass shields.

They are on the manufacturing line and in farm fields or meat plants keeping the supply line going and people fed. They are EMTs and truck drivers, farmers, people stocking the shelves late at night and deputies there early mornings keeping the community safe. They even include members of the media, who keep the community informed.

They don’t always receive the appreciation they deserve.

To acknowledge all the people still physically going into work every day in the most challenging of circumstances, Culpeper Mayor Mike Olinger has declared Wednesday, May 20, 2020, “Thank An Essential Worker Day in the Town of Culpeper.”

The proclamation originated from a recent consensus among Town Council that it would be nice to thank all the community’s essential workers, Olinger said.

“This has been a trying time for everyone and it has been great seeing all of the organizations come together and work for the entire community,” the mayor said. “I’m proud to live here and proud of each and every citizen of this town.”

Manager of an auto parts store in town, Olinger is considered among essential workers, as determined by the state.

“My business has seen ups and downs through this pandemic, but I’m confident that Culpeper will overcome this setback and we be the thriving small town we were always known to be,” Olinger said.

Here is his proclamation:

“WHEREAS, it is recognized that some employees are essential and must continue to work to keep and protect our community’s strength and well-being regardless of the circumstances that we are presented with; and

WHEREAS, there exists a State of Emergency that is affecting all of our communities because of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus; and

WHEREAS, first responders, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, and so many other essential workers place themselves at risk each day for the good of all; and

WHEREAS, the extraordinary efforts of our workforce keeps everyone in our community safe, ensures the welfare of our residents, and provides essential services that our community relies upon; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Culpeper recognizes the value of these important professionals and thanks them for their incredible and selfless contributions to the Culpeper community.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael T. Olinger, Mayor of the Town of Culpeper, Virginia, hereby proclaim, Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, as:


in the Town of Culpeper, and encourages everyone to thank an essential worker in our healthcare, police, fire and essential public works when you come in necessary contact with them, and to make every effort to keep all in our community safe by adhering to the social distancing guidelines put in place.”

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