Linda Lamb is a transitional care specialist for seniors and has been a CNA for over 30 years.

A CNA for more than 30 years, Linda Lamb has been working as a transitional care specialist since 2016.  She transitions seniors through various situations, such as moving from home care to a senior center and vice versa. 

Lamb works closely with Acti-Kare, a senior care organization based in Fredericksburg, where she trains all of its caregivers.  She also works alongside Breezy Knoll, an assisted living facility in Culpeper, to help seniors transition there.

As with the rest of the healthcare industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in the way Lamb approaches her job on a daily basis.  She is responsible for taking the temperatures of Acti-Kare's caregivers, as well as its clients, at the beginning of each shift, both day and night.  For older caregivers who may be more at risk, she's taken to collecting their temperatures at the end of shifts as well.

In addition, Lamb conducts surprise site checks to ensure caregivers are wearing the proper PPE.

"It takes a lot of planning," Lamb said of her job.  "I'm essentially the go-between when it comes to a company like Acti-Kare and its clients, so organization is very important.  I always want the transition process and, most importantly, the care, to be as simple and effective as possible."

In addition to her work with seniors, Lamb is also active in the community, doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army.

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