Bob and Priscilla Hilton have displayed their dedication to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the food closet at St. Stephens Episcopal Church open to serve the public.

"Normally, we'd have a waiting room and conduct direct interviews with those we serve in order to determine their individual needs," Bob Hilton said.  "Because of the [coronavirus], we've had to close our waiting room and have very limited contact with them. 

"Unfortunately, changes like these were necessary, and we've been able to maintain our service to the community as a result of them."

Hilton added that there hasn't been a single reported case of COVID-19 among the closet's staff or those it serves.

"Because of how closely we all work together, we'd have no choice but to shut down if one person fell ill," he said.  "I'm extremely proud that we've been able to prevent that."

In addition to receiving donations from local businesses such as Weis, Martin's, Walmart, Chick-Fil-A and Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Hiltons have now ensured that the food closet is also able to receive them from Amazon as well.  Recently, a package was shipped to them all the way from China containing several rolls of toilet paper. 

"The Amazon thing is very small at this point, but any donations, big or small, are helpful," Bob Hilton said.

"The Culpeper community is just fantastic," he added.  "They've always been very supportive of what we do at the food closet, and we're very grateful for that.  Not just Priscilla and I, but all of our staff that works so hard and our fellow directors Sharon Gunther, Melanie Browning and Billy Green."

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