Aerial shot showing Fauquier County detour area while a half-mile portion of U.S. Route 29 northbound is closed for a safety construction project.

Monday’s closure of a half-mile of U.S. Route 29 north in northern Fauquier County has resulted in an average 30-minute delay at peak times for motorists using the VDOT detour, according to a preliminary report from the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office.

Some motorists are using Route 17 to get to I-66 while the majority of motorists are using the VDOT detour at Riley Road to Broad Run Church Road to Vint Hill Road to get back on Route 29 North. This detour route has caused high traffic volume on Broad Run Church Road, resulting in delays averaging half-hour at peak times.

The highest volume of traffic is happening in the morning and afternoon hours as travelers not familiar with the closure pass through Fauquier County and take this detour, the sheriff’s office stated. This traffic is also mixed with local traffic.

“The Sheriff’s Office knows this detour is affecting the daily lives of citizens who live in these areas and we have dedicated many resources to manage this traffic and provide safe travel—not fast travel but safe travel,” according to a statement.

“We have received comments from many citizens on social media and via email regarding this project and the resulting traffic issues,” the statement said. “We encourage the constructive feedback. We cannot do our job efficiently without it.”

The sheriff’s office strongly encouraged motorists to use the Route 17 detour. As the project continues, adjustments will be made, but motorists can expect traffic congestion and delays averaging 30 minutes in this area as deputies work to manage and monitor large volumes of vehicles at peak times until the “Cut the Hills” project is complete, the sheriff’s office stated.

The $3.54 million project being constructed by Mitchells-based Chemung Contracting will regrade the northbound lanes and remove two hills that have led to crashes on that busy section of highway just south of the Prince William County line. The detour will remain in place until August 2, when Route 29 is expected to reopen in the area.

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