This report is provided by the Culpeper Police Department. It does not imply guilt.

September 30

Jason Matthew Owens, age 38, 4200 block of Cabin Road, Reva; destruction of property, monument--value greater than $1,000; hit and run—personal injury.

Mez Enrique Maquin, age 46, 600 block of Highview Court, Culpeper; assault and battery—family member.

David Jeremy Counts, age 24, 800 block of East Piedmont Street, Culpeper; revocation of suspended sentence and probation; contempt of court.

Carla Yesenia Ramos Mendez, age 22, 1300 block of Spring Meadow Drive, Culpeper; petit larceny.

October 1

Melody C. Moran, age 36, 20000 block of Sunset Hill Road, Lignum; forging, uttering.

Devin Michael Reeves Sr., age 34, 800 block of Virginia Avenue, Culpeper; monument: intentional damage, value greater than $1,000; driving under the influence of alcohol.

Khattor Faris III, age 18, 500 block of Windermere Drive, Culpeper; two counts of use electronic means for child sex crime or porn.

October 2

Daniel Robert Strang, age 25, 11000 block of Jamesons Mill Road, Culpeper; possession of marijuana.

October 3

Jeffery Sumner Lovett, age 33, 100 block of South Bickford Street, El Reno; possession of marijuana, obstructing justice; monument: intentional damage, value less than $1,000; drunk in public, profane language.

Robert Sherman Hendricks, age 50, 100 block of Lakeshore Drive, Madison; failure to perform construction after advance.

Ryan Allison, age 24, 1200 block of Meander Drive, Culpeper; violate protective orders.

Jamir Zakee Ruffin, age 26, 500 block of First Street, Culpeper; destruction of property, monument—value greater than $1,000.

Tosha Nicole Olivares, age 25, 4400 block of Bramblewood Drive, Henrico; fail to appear.

Hollis Gaven Dow, age 22, 3400 block of Oak Park Road, Madison; contempt of court.

October 4

Dennis Ray Sheppard, age 55, 800 block of Summit Street, Culpeper; drunk in public, profane language.

Angel Luis Cantres, age 20, 600 block of East Spencer Street, Culpeper; robbery; firearm: use in commission of felony; firearm/etc./pointing/brandishing; obstructing justice; trespass: at night upon any cemetery.

Theodore Mann Carpenter, age 36, 2000 block of Chesterfield Road, Locust Grove; unlawful dissemination or sale of images of another.

Amanda Latoria Johnson, age 42, 100 block of South Mill Street, Remington; grand larceny.

October 5

Quinton Jerome Williams, age 26, 1800 block of Picadilly Circus, Culpeper; drunk in public, profane language.

Mark Anthony Dodson, age 48, 7300 block of Pleasant Lane, Rixeyville; possession of controlled substances.

October 6

Timothy Lee Lapp, age 41, 1100 block of Stuart Street, Culpeper; assault and battery--family member.

Sandy Denise Lapp, age 39, 1100 block of Stuart Street, Culpeper; assault and battery--family member.

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