Culpeper County Economic Development Center (copy)

Culpeper Town Council will hold a special meeting Wednesday morning in the parking lot behind the Culpeper Economic Development Department office on Main Street.

Culpeper Town Council will hold a special meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25 in the parking lot behind the Economic Development Center, 803 S. Main St.

Town staff and individual council members will stay in their own cars while the meeting is conducted by teleconference.

The meeting is being held in person, but with social distancing, out of abundance of caution for sunlight laws ensuring public access to government meetings. It was originally slated to be held in the council room inside, but the room is not large enough to accommodate the 10-feet-away standard for those present.

Members of the public attending Wednesday’s meeting in their cars may park on-street or in the bank parking lot across the street. Town staff will provide the number to call in for the teleconference.

On the meeting agenda is adopting a resolution allowing government meetings via electronic communication, appointing a person to act as town manager in his absence, refinance of a general obligation bond and discussion of delaying construction of a playground in Rockwater Park.

Culpeper Town Council will also discuss what are expected to be significant impacts to the Fiscal Year 2020-21 budge due to broad economic challenges of the coronavirus.

“We are having to think on our feet a lot,” said Culpeper Public Services Director Jim Hoy in a phone conversation Tuesday of Wednesday’s unorthodox meeting site. “You know, Culpeper has had a lot of experience dealing with emergencies and we will get through this one, too. But there is no play book for this type of thing.”

As for the town budget, “We are returning to days of austerity,” Hoy said of expected cuts due to expected revenue losses, especially in meals tax. The focus will be continued provision of basic services for town residents, he said.

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