Jan. 28

Pedro Jesus Madueno Fernandez, 19, 500 Block Windermere Drive, Culpeper, fail to appear.

Michael Wayne Smoot, 50, 15000 Block Hall Street, Culpeper, violate protective orders.

Deangelo Terrell Dreshaw White, 20, 1700 Block Broad Street, Culpeper, contempt of court.

Jordan Charles Hylton, 24, 13000 Block Partlow Court, Culpeper, possession of marijuana.

Joseph Ramon Perez, 20, 100 Block Valley View Drive, Stanley, possession of marijuana.

Jan. 29

Jerome Ahmad Odie, 37, 100 Block King Edward Court, Culpeper, assault & battery—family member.

Briscoe Herbert Jasper, 40, 200 Block Whitworth Drive, Culpeper, trespass: after being forbidden to do so.

Jan. 30

Kelly Claudine Gorsuch, 40, 1500 Block Old Fredericksburg Road, Culpeper, fail to appear on felony charge.

Arian Sayed Mir Ahmad Sadat, 35, 100 Block King Street, Culpeper, forging, uttering, obtaining drugs by fraud.

Granville French Franklin Jr., 63, 1300 Block Spring Meadow Lane, Culpeper, assault & battery -family member.

Daniel E. Cunningham, 35, 800 Block Lakeland Court, Culpeper, monument: intentional damage, value <$1000.

Jan. 31

Joseph Warren Jones Jr., 31, 1300 Block Old Fredericksburg Road, Culpeper, assault & battery.

Joshua Henry Butler, 21, 1100 Block Virginia Avenue, Culpeper, robbery.

Felicia Angel Holley-Poole, 42, 100 Block Peliso Avenue, Orange, assault & battery.

Jennifer Helen Wolfe, 53, 100 Block South West Street, Culpeper, assault & battery—family member, intentionally prevent a law enforcement officer from arresting.

Cherie Modora Carpenter, 33, 600 Block Holly Leaf Road, Culpeper, possession of marijuana.

Kristopher Kainoa Deserres, 20, 13000 Block Stonehouse Mountain Road, Culpeper, possession of marijuana.

Amari-Ashaun Xavier Johnson, 21, 9700 Block Leavells Road, Fredericksburg, possession of marijuana.

Feb. 2

Juan Celestino Roman, 61, 400 Block James Madison Highway, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language.

Kara Maria Hart, 18, 3200 Block Wildmere Place, Herndon, manufacturing, sale, possession of control substance -schedule III,IV,V, conspiracy to violate drug control act—felony, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Logan Isaiah Downing, 19, 2000 Block Gold Finch Drive, Culpeper, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of marijuana.

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