A reception for a new photography exhibit will be held 3 to 5 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Middle Street Gallery, 325a Middle St. in the town of Washington, Rappahannock County.

Veteran photographers Jo Levine and Gary Anthes have joined forces for the special gallery show, “Town & Country,” on display Sept. 13 through Oct. 6. As part of the exhibit, the beautifully undulating hills of Washington State meet the lonely winter boardwalks of the Jersey Shore; misty mosaics of wheat fields touch the alleys of London and Paris; and abandoned barns team up with empty urban warehouses.

The show illustrates how photographers adapt their views and techniques to vastly different subjects, according to a news release. Levine’s photographs of the beautiful Palouse countryside in southeast Washington range from a dreamlike quality to abstractions created from patchwork farmland. Meanwhile, Anthes’s photographs of mostly urban spaces, and the people in them, span three continents and hint at the mysteries he finds there.

“The farms of the Palouse are covered with fields in shades of green, gold, and brown that follow the land’s contours,” Levine said in a statement.. “They are reminiscent of Tuscany—with a little bit of Rappahannock County thrown in, and the area had been on my bucket list for several years.” This past June, from dawn to dusk over five days, Levine saw and recorded the pastoral beauty of that region.

Anthes added, “I love to prowl city streets with my camera, not knowing what I will find around the next corner. I’m especially attracted to the lone figure—often ones that suggest mystery or sadness—in a visual context that says something about the city I’m in.”

Other members of the artists’ co-operative will also show works during the period. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fri.-Sun. For information, contact 540/675-1313 or see middlestreetgallery.org.

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