Virginia State Senate District 17 includes all of Orange County, part of Spotsylvania County, all of the city of Fredericksburg, part of Culpeper County, part of Albemarle County and part of Louisa County. Voters should check their registration to find their Districts and polling places.

Two Republican candidates, including the incumbent, are vying for the party nomination in the June 11 Republican Primary. The winner will run against the winner in the District 17 Democratic, also happening June 11.

The Republican candidates are:

Rich Breeden

Age: 50

Place of Residence: Spotsylvania

Education: BA and MA, American Military University; Ph.D (Candidate) Henley-Putnam University; and The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia

Experience: I am NOT a politician. I am a 20-year Air Force veteran, a former federal agent, and a small business owner/leader that helps businesses surpass their business goals and with emerging technologies that are changing our world.

Personal: My wife, Heather and I volunteer our time in local community organizations like the Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers Board and Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

Why are you running for the state senate?

I am running to be our next state senator because many of my friends and neighbors asked me to and I know I can bring unique skillset to Richmond to bring a voice back to the people of Virginia’s 17th state senatorial district.

If elected, what would be your No. 1 issue?

I have taken the oath before to defend the Constitution and will continue to do just that; protect the unborn; fight to end gerrymandering, term limits, and campaign finance reforms; work with others to improve our education system; and address the challenges associated with emerging technologies and automation that will affect our job market.

Incumbent Bryce Reeves

Age: 52

Place of residence: Spotsylvania

Education: Undergraduate: Texas A&M University; Graduate: George Mason University; University of Virginia’s Sorensen Political Leaders Program and Sorensen Candidate Training Program

Experience: Owner, Bryce Reeves State Farm Agency; Member and Deacon at Spotswood Baptist Church; former Army Ranger, former police detective; former Chairman of the Spotsylvania County Republican Committee

Why are you running for the state senate?

I’m running for state senate to continue representing my constituents with commonsense, reform-minded actions. I’m running to provide folks with access to more affordable healthcare options; to protect our most vulnerable: foster children and the unborn; to ensure the well-being of our military personnel, veterans, and Law Enforcement Officers; to defend our constitutional rights, and to keep taxes low.

If re-elected, what would be your No. 1 issue?

Healthcare: Protecting those with pre-existing conditions by providing a variety of affordable healthcare to constituents

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