Sixty seven malnourished and mistreated goats and one dog were seized on Monday by Louisa Animal Control officers, following an anonymous tip that led authorities to the 2700 block of Wickham Road in Bumpass.

All of the animals were visible from the roadway. Many had severely overgrown and matted coats covered in feces and insects, while several others had difficulty walking, or were hobbling on their front knees within the property’s fenced field.

A veterinarian on the scene reported the animals suffered from severely overgrown hooves and hoof rot, overgrown and matted fleece, leg deformities, malnutrition and pizzle rot—an infection that may lead to urine retention and severe inflammation.

One of the suffering goats was euthanized at the veterinarian’s recommendation. Investigators also determined that another goat died earlier that had been dropped off at a veterinarian’s office by the property owner.

The property owner was not present when officers arrived with a search warrant on Monday, and did not arrive at any time during the duration of the officer’s visit.

“Charges may be pending after the seizure hearing,” said Detective Chuck Love, public information officer for the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office.

A seizure hearing helps determine if the owners can justify retaining custody of the animals. The hearing will occur within 10 days of the seizure of the animals.

The name of the owner is being withheld while the incident remains under investigation.

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