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Heartfields | Retirement Home | Fredericksburg VA


20 Heartfields Ln
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
Fax: 540-373-8853
Last Updated: November 18, 2018


About Heartfields | Retirement Home | Fredericksburg VA

Committed to providing a warm and inviting environment for senior life.

Heartfields at Fredericksburg is a place where seniors can thrive. We provide our residents with trustworthy care and exceptional hospitality. We use certain criteria to ensure this is always the case. By instilling a warm and inviting environment, with health and wellness care, and fine dining facilities that will rival most restaurant experiences, we keep ourselves ahead of the curve. We utilize a Lifestyle 360 program to keep all our residents in excellent shape. We put people first, we act with integrity, we mind the business, we listen and act decisively, and we work to be our best.

We utilize evidence based approaches to provide our resident the best quality of life possible

Our Lifestyle 360 program utilizes Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory allows people to become their best possible selves by adhering to five simple and easy to follow wellness programs. The first, Intellectual wellness to stimulate mental activity which includes, art classes, lecture series, book clubs, technology classes, language courses, etc. Second, Social wellness, to encourage positive interactions with others that involve museum or theater outings, martini mixers, wine tastings, board/card games, and more. Third, the Physical wellness program provides regular activities to maintain a healthy body and to improve mood, this entails weight, balance, and resistance training, Tai Chi, yoga, and more. Fourth, Emotional wellness strives to increase awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings encouraging positive outlooks towards life through life history writing, poetry, and Alzheimer/Parkinsons support therapy. And finally, our Spiritual wellness program, which seeks purpose and meaning for a deeper appreciation of life through meditation, church services, horticulture, inspirational readings, pet therapy, and much more.