Powell Wellness Center director Eric Good accepts the award from Jennifer Hopper, Chair-elect of the Medical Fitness Association Board of Directors.

Powell Wellness Center of Culpeper has been honored as Certified Medical Fitness Facility of the Year by the Medical Fitness Association.

This award is presented to a medical fitness center with standards of excellence that set a benchmark for the nearly 50 medical fitness facilities nationwide.

Powell Wellness Center Director Eric Good accepted the award at the MFA annual conference in early November.

PWC, which celebrated its 11th anniversary in September 2018, is one of three MFA-certified medical fitness facilities in Virginia, according to a news release from Culpeper Wellness Foundation. Certification recognizes that Powell Wellness offers the expertise and programming necessary to safely and effectively assist people, regardless of their current health status, to develop, initiate, and maintain an active lifestyle that minimizes risk of illness and disease and promotes health and wellness. The center’s medical fitness programs are overseen by a medical director and advisory board.

In addition to serving its members, PWC uniquely supports the local community’s health and wellness interests with programs that provide extra fitness support for those transitioning from an illness or surgery, nutrition services, health advice symposiums, swimming instruction, and fitness scholarships.

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